"You bought information...
You got that information...

 and you want a refund


"But I didn't make money yet!"
"But I am confused!"
"But I don't like... stuff!"


"but... but... but"

Once you get to the back office, you are literally 30 seconds away
from being able to make money- Why don't you do that?



You got access to FREE MONEY when you downloaded the apps



Please read the refund policy and "What's the Catch" below:
My Iron-Clad 100% Guarantee
No Worries. The Product Comes With A
100% Results Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee. I hold your trust in the highest regard, which is why I have a 100% Guarantee on all of my books, audiobooks, and training courses. If at any time within the 60 Day return period you haven't gotten results DESPITE FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY, simply contact me at Bones@BonesRodriguez.com, and I’ll refund 100% of the purchase price if I can't help you get results. Since there is no product to return, you won’t have to send anything back to get your refund – no shipping costs, no trips to the post office, it really is 100% risk-free. I appreciate your business, your honesty (some people are liars), and I will help you get the results equal to your purchase price. You must do the work, and your "liking it" or "wanting" to do it have nothing to do with me. If you are committed to your own success, know that I'm as committed as you are- Maybe even more!

What's The Catch?
There's always a catch, so here it is:
You are about to get information that literally took me hundreds of trial and error techniques to learn. Some people thought I was crazy, and others thought I was scamming them.
But I had the courage to TAKE ACTION on it anyway.
You are about to get this information for practically pennies, so you may not value it, or act on it because of how easy it is for you to get it now.
People are constantly asking "IS THIS A SCAM?", and I don't understand why they ask when there are so many LIVE testimonials right above. Some people even asked questions on the feed, just to be losers and NOT get it! Like they're terrified of making money!
But here's the thing:
"The only difference between what you want and what you have is APPLIED KNOWLEDGE."
The catch is: You're about to short-cut the system and just buy the knowledge from me, but you'll have to apply it yourself. I can't do it for you.
When you buy this now, you will either follow directions, or not. If you don't, then you will have scammed yourself. I guarantee the knowledge only- you have to apply it
So STOP ASKING- it's 100% real, and there is tons of proof all over the web.
 What I have for you here is THE REAL DEAL. Don’t miss out on this.
 Let’s face it… If you don’t act on this now… you may NEVER act on it. And that means missing out on a potentially life-changing opportunity… So my only question is:

 Why allow this opportunity to slip through your fingers? Why would you pass it up when you now know how much it can mean to you, your career and your future?

So STOP GIVING UP!!! That's why you are asking for your money back!


 Your answer is NO- You will not get a refund.

But if you want HELP....

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